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NEW Children's Picture Book

Krofne With Baba

Krofne with Baba follows a little girl and her grandmother spending the day together, creating memories while making krofne (Serbian donuts). This sweet story of family and traditions, inspired by Valentina Gonzalez’s real-life experiences, celebrates culture, traditions, and language.

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"As I was reading this, I immediately wanted to tell all of my teacher friends working with elementary-aged students to get this book. This is surely a book that has been waiting for decades to be written."

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"Valentina and Melinda have created a terrific, clear, & easy to apply literacy framework for ELs and ALL learners."

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Word on the Street

This is one of the best books I've read about ELL instruction as it pertains to reading and writing. I really like the way the authors organized each chapter of the book. It is based around delivering a balanced approach to literacy instruction. You will learn what each component (read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, etc.) is and what it is not. The authors explain why and how the component benefits English Language Learners as well as the rest of our students. Experts from the field weigh in on the framework and readers are given a classroom scenario as an example of implementation. The authors also answer frequently asked questions at the end of each chapter. The writing is clear, concise, but comprehensive. I plan to use this book in the graduate literacy classes I am teaching this summer and fall.

Whether you are a classroom teacher, a literacy specialist, an EL specialist, or an administrator- this is the resource you need to guide you through research-based practices for literacy with your multilingual learners. I love that this book walks you through each component of a balanced literacy framework and maps out both the benefits and accommodations for language learners. The appendices are power-packed and feature step-by-step instructions for delivering research-based methods and strategies to support students in literacy development. I appreciate the classroom examples, the excellent visuals, and of course, the now-famous infographics of Valentina Gonzalez. I can't wait to share this resource with educators in my district! HIGHLY recommend!

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