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Reading & Writing with English Learners

A Framework for K-5

Reading & Writing with English Learners offers kindergarten through fifth grade reading and writing educators a user-friendly guide and framework for supporting English learners in balanced literacy classrooms. Authors Valentina Gonzalez and Melinda Miller lead readers in exploring the components of Reading & Writing with English Learners with a special eye for increasing the effectiveness of instructional methods and quality of instruction to serve English learners.

This is a resource that shares practical and effective techniques for accommodating reading and writing instruction to design learning that simultaneously increases literacy and language development.

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A balanced approach to literacy offers a comprehensive language and literacy framework in which the teacher uses a variety of approaches that meet students' needs.

Gonzalez & Miller

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Reading & Writing with English Learners was written for:

  • K-5 Classroom Teachers

  • ESL Teachers

  • Reading and Writing Instructional Coaches

  • District Leaders

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Reading & Writing with English Learners includes: 

  • the components of Reading and Writing Workshop

  • accommodations that support English Learners

  • high yield practices for Reading and Writing Workshop during remote teaching

  • the role of phonics

  • a culturally inclusive booklist

  • activities that support Reading and Writing Workshop

and more!

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Is this book only for teachers that use a workshop approach?

No, absolutely not. Regardless of your current literacy instruction, you will be able to apply the components, scaffolds, and accommodations into your work with English learners. You may use it alongside Daily 5, Basal Readers, whole class novel units, or another curriculum.

Can this training offered online or just face-to-face?

Valentin and Melinda offer this this training in a variety of formats. Along with face-to-face, they can present it virtually, and in addition a 5 week online course is in the works.

How do I secure Valentina or Melinda to present at my campus?

Please reach out to Kathy Belanger. She can help you find a date and book a training. 

Are there additional resources that accompany the Reading & Writing with English Learners book? 

Yes, Valentina and Melinda offer many resources that enhance readers' implementation of the instructional methods in the book. You can find them here

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